Christos Rafalides Interview

Christos Rafalides Interview

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Christos Rafalides' Interview with Jazz in Europe

During his recent European tour, Christos sat down with Andrew Read and talked about his musical career, background, and future.

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Andrew Read: Christos, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. I’d like to start by asking you a little about your formative years as a musician. You started your career as a classical percussionist, what prompted your switch to jazz?

Christos Rafalides: Indeed, classical percussion was the starting point. However, I find jazz fascinating in the sense that you are totally in control of the final outcome: you “design” the music in your head, according to your mood, the circumstances (depending on whether you are in the studio, at a live gig, a concert) and then possibilities are endless! It was also the groove, as a main component of jazz music, that I found so attractive, and finally the vibraphone itself, which has a prominent position in this genre and plenty of space for expression.


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