Goebel, Matthias

Percussionist, Germany
Matthias Goebel is a musician and much more, as a composer, arranger, promoter, organizer, instructor, impulse generator and source of inspiration. Goebel founded and directs the Mallet Institute in Düsseldorf and, in conjunction with Tony Miceli, is the founder and artistic director of the european vibraphone festival "Spring Vibes". Teaching is Goebel’s passion. He has worked and continues to instruct at the Musikhoch- schule Köln/Wuppertal, Mallet Institute and several workshops/masterclasses as a freelancer.
Aside from his primary focus on vibraphone and marimba, Goebel is also a sought-after pianist in his ”Free Improvisation Project”, Raum3plus. He is dedicated to the music of Mohamed Abdul Wahab and travels through- out the Arab world with the Tabadoul Orchestra. Goebel has collaborated with Markus Stockhausen, David Friedman, Stefan Bauer, Philipp van Endert and Christoph Hillmann, among others. He stands for Jazz, Worldmusic and Improvisation.