Piper, John

Jazz Artist

"I don’t know of a better mallet maker. Mike Balter Mallets is always there when you need them and their level of integrity and commitment to quality for the artist is above any in the business."


John Mark Piper is an internationally known vibraphonist living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Piper is best known for his accomplishments as a solo vibraphonist, his design of the patented state-of-the-art Musser/Piper Vibraphone and critically acclaimed solo and ensemble original vibraphone music, recordings and educational magazine articles. Piper is also author/composer of “The Shapes and Patterns of Music” – Volume I and II and “The Shapes and Patterns of Rhythm”. Piper has authored numerous articles and essays for the Percussive Arts Society and The Instrumentalist magazines. Piper has performed and conducted master classes, clinics and performed internationally at most of the top universities under the sponsorship of Musser/Ludwig, Mike Balter Mallets, AKG Microphones and Steve Weiss Music. In 2007, Piper began a 9-year hiatus and dropped from the full-time music scene to answer the calling of professional firefighter/Paramedic in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In October of 2015 Piper took yet another “road less traveled” and deployed to the most remote continent on earth, Antarctica. Piper served in Antarctica as paramedic firefighter helping to protect scientists, researchers and support staff at McMurdo Station, Antarctica for five months and returned to the states in March of 2016. While there Piper wrote a new book for musicians soon to be available called “Intervals”. Piper is back full time composing and performing. Contact www.JohnMarkPiper.com or email [email protected]