Kaplan, Ziv

Percussionist, Israel


Ziv Kaplan was born in Jerusalem in 1995. He began his musical education at the age of five, first learning the darbuka, and then the piano. At age 8, while watching TV, saw an IDF orchestra performance and immediately pointed at the xylophone player, shouting "this will be my instrument!". Ziv started learning at the Jerusalem Alpert Music Centre, there he played in the class of Mr. Michael Klimovicki, who is part of the Israel Police Orchestra. Soon he joined the Jerusalem Youth Orchestra, performing in concerts around the city, and was invited to play solo pieces in several ceremonies of the Jerusalem Municipality. After a couple years, Ziv started learning under the instruction of Mr. Alon Bor, the Principal Percussionist of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2013, Ziv graduated from the Music and Dance Academy High school, and joined the IDF as a "gifted musician". Ziv is currently (2016-17) in his final year of his Bachelor studies at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance.

Ziv has played with many Professional Orchestras and ensembles, including the Israel Young Philharmonic orchestra, Tremolo Percussion Ensemble, "Camerata" orchestra, The Israel Contemporary (21st Century ensemble), Young Philharmonic Orchestra Jerusalem Weimar and the Jerusalem Symphony orchestra. Ziv has taken part in many festivals in Israel such as "Israel festival" and the "Felicia Blumenthal Festival." He played in Masterclasses of Mark Ford and Alexander Radziewski, as well as with big names such as Tomer Yariv, Asaf Roth, Dan Moshayev, Zohar Fresco, Gilad Dubretzky, Rony Holan, Yaaki Levy, and Many more.

Ziv won the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship three times - in 2008, 2010 and 2012.