Liz Soflin and the Noble Snare

Liz Soflin and the Noble Snare

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Noble Snare - Twenty-Five Years

"The Noble Snare - Twenty-Five Years" is a festival celebrating the release of the second edition of "The Noble Snare". The festival is being organized by Sylvia Smith, the publisher of the book, at the University of Akron. The festival takes place from September 24 - 26 and will consist of four different concerts.

Our very own artist Liz Soflin will be performing exercise 26 and Exercise 27, by Christian Wolff. She will be using our Emil Richards Super Rub Mallets and some sticks from our Louie Bellson Series.

To learn more about "The Noble Snare - Twenty-Five Years" festival, click the photo or right HERE!