Mahoney, Mark

Vibe Artist

"With Mike Balter Mallets I can count on consistency and quality across the entire line."


Mark Mahoney is originally from the Boston area but now resides 90 min. north of NYC in Bethel, CT. His background includes degrees from the University of Miami: Bachelor of Music Education and the University of Tennessee: Master of Music in Jazz Studies.

Mark has extensive experience as a drummer but his mallet background is a bit out of the ordinary. While in graduate school he picked up vibes as an outlet for his improvisation classes. A short while later he came across the Mallet Kat MIDI controller. This instrument allowed Mark to combine his love of mallet performance with his passion for electronics, sound design and production. Over several years this MIDI mallet journey yielded something very unique; Mark’s MIDI Mallet Uno project*. This project led him to exclusively becoming a MIDI mallet performer. This solo endeavor can be heard in various settings around CT.

MIDI mallet performance (aside from what one might think) requires careful selection of mallets. If they are too hard the impact sound will be heard in soft settings and sensors could be damaged. Too soft, and dynamic control suffers. The 62R from the mushroom head series are as versatile across controllers as they are on acoustic instruments; plus they have those fantastic rattan shafts. Another great controller mallet is the BB6 from the Basics series.  The softer yarn lessens impact sound but still retains dynamic control. The size of the larger birch shaft is close to the rattan of the 62R. Even though the Basics series is a “student” mallet, the Balter quality and consistency carry over from the higher lines.