Mitch Shiner Events

Mitch Shiner Events

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mitch Shiner will be hosting the monthly Jam Sessions at the Jazz Estate in Milwaukee, WI.

"Jam sessions are a time for pro players, students, and amateurs to learn from each other and make music in a relaxed setting."

"Looking forward to performing in Madison this month. Eric received his Masters Degree at Indiana University while I was there for my undergrad. He's now pursuing his doctorate and teaching at UW-Madison!

Friday night we're playing at The Brink Lounge, and Sunday and Monday we'll be recording a CD! I'm thrilled to be on this project with such amazing players. He's invited modern Jazz guitar great Jonathan Kreisberg in from New York. Pretty cool! I'm also looking forward to playing with Steve Snyder again, who will be coming in from Indianapolis (and traveling with his B3 organ, I might add). Can't wait to meet Madison based saxophonist Tony Barba, too." - Mitch

Mitch will be performing with Chicagoan Juli Wood!

Company Brewing
February 22nd @ 8pm