Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sincerely Yours by Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas has released his first ever solo album titled "Sincerely Yours". Justin did an incredible job composing, arranging and recording all of the music on this album. You can download the album for free or give a donation at the link below. You may also stream the album via the Bandcamp app.

Released June 22, 2017

"I wanted this album to be as personal as possible not only with illustrating my own story by composing everything you hear but getting suggestive advice from people who can either relate or shown compassion for my story. I simply name them as contributors for their advice is highly welcomed, respected and carefully threaded through the album.

I want to thank two types of contributors to his album. The first being the creative artists. I want to thank: Brian Bullard, Justin Perkins, Ashlie McIntire, Elijah Mintz, Dontray David, Ryan Merchant, Noah Sharp, and Andrew Hey.

Secondly, I want to thank my friends and family who contributed that are not creative artists but excel in other areas in life. Those people are Marcus Taylor, Peter Murphy, James Dearing, and my sister Sophia Webb.

All of you are a key component in making this album. I am more than grateful for your expertise and advice! Thank you very much!"

-Justin Thomas

Sincerely Yours by Justin Thomas

We have enjoyed being able to watch this masterpiece come to life and look forward to people's reactions to this album. Enjoy!

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This album was recorded using the Steve Shapiro models SS1 and SS2