New Artist and Special "Someone You Should Know"

New Artist and Special "Someone You Should Know"

Thursday, March 2, 2017

“imagename"Jason Marsalis

"I'm now a proud endorser of Mike Balter Mallets. They have sound and consistency and have been very easy to play. It is a pleasure to be a part of the Mike Balter family and I look forward to a bright future with the company."

We are honored and thrilled to announce Jason Marsalis as the newest member of the Mike Balter Family of Artists.

Jason has been a drum set player since the age of three and a vibes player since 2000. In 2009 Jason and the Marsalis family was named Jazz Masters by the NEA. Later that year, Marsalis released his first album on vibraphone titled "Music Update". Four years later, Jason released his second album as a band leader on vibes titled "In a World of Mallets". The album won an Offbeat Music Award and was number one on the CMJ radio charts. His latest album is titled "Heirs of the Crescent City", a soundtrack to the film "Heirs", a documentary about the traditions and cultures of New Orleans passed on through generations.

Jason is a world-class vibraphone player, but his musical skills do not stop there. He regularly teaches, performs, and records on various percussion instruments and of course, drum set.

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