New Snare Drum book from Tony Cirone

New Snare Drum book from Tony Cirone

Monday, April 10, 2017

Mike Balter Artist Tony Cirone has announced his latest installment in the world of snare drum literature. He gave you Portraits in Rhythm and now is releasing another must have book for the snare drum aficionado. Read below for a brief summary of the book and find links to buy the book. Enjoy!

Escapade for Unaccompanied Snare Drum is a work in four movements based on the Classical 4 – movement symphonic form. A perfect addition to a percussion recital, each of the four movements stands alone for use at auditions or semester exams. Besides exhibiting the technical proficiency needed to perform this work, the flourish of dynamics, musical directives, and interpretation of tempo markings communicate the musical mastery needed to impress judges and win auditions.

The first movement begins with a dramatic Allegro maestoso introduction leading into the first theme, Allegro robusto. The “B” theme, Allegretto is a challenging technical display of flams, accents, and short rolls and then returns to the “A” theme and a long Coda to close the movement.

The second movement opens with a suspenseful Adagio sentito played with “snares off” in the style of Gustav Mahler. This “slow movement” advances with a Poco piú mosso and delivers us to a powerful climax of fff and ends as it began with the Adagio sentito.

The third movement, Scherzo toccata, is also played with “snares off” utilizing three areas of the snare drum; center of the head, edges of the head, and rim. Sixteenth notes at quarter note = 120 continue without pause through an electrifying array of mixed-meters.

The fourth movement closes the composition with a vigorous unfolding of rhythms and rudiments alla“Portraits in Rhythm.” Opening with an Allegro grandioso at quarter note = 132 in 9/8 time, the dizzying display of flams, 4-stroke ruffs, 5 and 7 stroke rolls, accents and the constant movement of dynamics and rhythm modulations leads to a Presto vivo with a pulse of quarter note = 144. An expressive ritard and diminuendo brings momentary relief before concluding with a return of the Allegro grandioso.

Click on the link below to order the book:

Escapade for Unaccompanied Snare Drum

- Tony Cirone