Oba, Akihiro

Percussionist, Japan


Akihiro Oba is a Japanese Percussionist born in Fukuoka, Japan. Akihiro graduated from the Tokyo College of Music and appeared in the graduation concert as a soloist. Akihiro performs percussion works in a wide variety of ways, ranging from orchestra, solo works, chamber music, wind orchestra, musicals, and television recording and performances.

In 2007, Akihiro participated in the Mozarteum International Summer Academy and studied with Peter Sadlo, Bogdan Bacanu, and Momoko Kamiya. During the 28th annual Japan Wind and Percussion Competition in 2011, he won first prize and the jury’s special award for the final concert. In 2012 Akihiro won the incentive award at the 12th annual Kobe International Music contest, and first prize for marimba category C, in the 10th edition of the Italy Percussion Competition. Earlier in 2016, Akihiro won the second prize of Jeju International Brass and Percussion Competition. Akihiro currently teaches at Tokyo College of Music.