Lineage Percussion

Percussion Ensemble

“Mike Balter Mallets have helped unify, distinguish, and define the sound of Lineage Percussion.  As a small chamber ensemble, the music we perform demands a versatile pallet of sounds from our mallets. Whether we are moving quickly from a passage on vibraphone to one on marimba or we are discovering ways to make a cajon sound like a rhinoceros, Mike Balter Mallets has us covered. From cutting through the sound of a large ensemble to creating a blended and cohesive texture within a small chamber group, Mike Balter Mallets has us covered."

Lineage Percussion, coached by Timothy Adams Jr. and Ms. Kimberly Toscano, was founded in 2014 by three juniors – Trevor Barroero, Lauren Floyd, and Wesley Sumpter – in the Hugh Hodgson School of Music at the University of Georgia.  Deep-rooted in a rich history of orchestral percussion play, Lineage Percussion seeks to preserve and expand upon the traditions and style of percussion performance set forth by their teachers and their teacher’s teachers.  This balance of innovation and duplication results in the trio’s distinctive sound.  Whether they are playing marimbas, snare drums, bongos, or household objects, their identical training results in a uniform approach to each and every percussion instrument.


​In 2016, Lineage Percussion was a bronze medalist in the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition becoming the first percussion group in the 43-year history of the competition to be a finalist in the senior division. Before this, the trio was a semifinalist of both the Coltman Chamber Competition and the 2015 Fischoff Competition and was a third-place winner at the Percussive Arts Society’s Chamber Competition. Endorsed as educational artists with Mike Balter Mallets and Remo Drumheads, they have presented clinics and performed recitals for elementary schools, high schools, retirement communities, and private organizations around the state of Georgia. Lineage Percussion is endorsed by Mike Balter Mallets and Remo Drumheads.

"Watching in the White Sunshine" by Paul Cowell

"...if only for a moment", by Neil Rao performed by Lineage Percussion

Schuessler: Glass Abattoir

"Burn Green" by Larry Baker, performed by Lineage Percussion