Someone You Should Know

Someone You Should Know

Friday, March 24, 2017


Jen-Yu and Jen-Ting, also known as "Twincussion", have been playing percussion together their entire lives and have developed a brotherly sense of ensemble that is electric.

Since 2009, Jen-Ting and Jen-Yu have been performing as a duo winning several percussion competitions and have been touring around the world. Now they both study at The Royal Danish Academy Of Music - Soloist Class. In fact, you can catch Twincussion this Wednesday, March 29th for their "Wednesday Concert" in collaboration withWonderful Copenhagen.

Concert Program:
Program: Twincussion, Jen-Ting & Jen-Yu Chien - Chopin Series
(Transcriptions of Prelude, Fantasie, Marzuka and Etude)
Time: 17:00-17:45
Venue: Grundtvig's Church (Grundtvigs Kirke) , Copenhagen, Denmark.
Address: På Bjerget 14B, København NV, Denmark.
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