Someone You Should Know

Someone You Should Know

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hiroko Tsuji

Hiroko Tsuji is a Marimbist from Hiroshima, Japan. She studied with Toru Kitano, Miki Ishida, and Keiko Miyamoto at Nishinomiya High School. With a great start like this, Hiroko was set to study with Sumiko Sato and Michiko Takahashi at Hiroshima University.

In 2003 Hiroko performed her first solo recital and has premiered two percussion works. As a performer, Hiroko regularly commissions marimba pieces, appears on radio shows, and even as a radio personality.

In 2011 Hiroko founded “Ototsumiki”, a music management office. This office creates and dispatches new styles of marimba music and culture for Hiroshima.