Someone You Should Know

Someone You Should Know

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ayami Okamura

Ayami Okamura has been a pianist since the age of five and switched to marimba when she was eighteen, studying at Kyoto City University of the Arts in Japan. During her time there she was taught by Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Mutsumi Tsuzaki, Makoto Nakura, and Kunihiko Komori. She learned quickly and began winning marimba competitions during her undergrad and became the principal timpanist for the Kyoto Youth Orchestra.

Since 2013 Ayami has been living in Boston, studying at the Boston Conservatory. There she has been studying with some of the world's best marimbists. Some major accomplishments since moving to the U.S. are winning the 2014-2015 Boston Conservatory Orchestra Concerto Competition, and winning the Italy International Percussion Competition, Marimba B Category. Ayami performs in several different ensembles and has the pleasure of performing with other Mike Balter artists like Julie Spencer and Wei-Chen Lin.

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