Someone You Should Know

Someone You Should Know

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dave Danford

Dave Danford is a percussionist that covers an array of genres. You may find Dave performing a concerto concert, in the recording studio for dance music, composing a cello concerto, or even in the pit of a musical called "Bat Out of Hell".

Dave Danford has performed in the orchestral, concerto, and music theater genre with some of the greats like Evelyn Glennie and Canadian vocal group Aliqua. Dave has also recorded several dance tracks with radio DJs from the BBC. As an educator, Dave has performed several solo recitals and given plenty of masterclasses on percussion performance. And as a composer, arranger, and music producer, Dave covers many genres such as contemporary classical music, modernized traditional music, and a folk fusion project named Adran D.

Since February 2017 Dave has been the Percussionist for Jim Steinman’s Bat Out of Hell, a brand new musical theater production in London’s West End.

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