Tsuji, Hiroko

Marimbist, Japan


Hiroko Tsuji is a Japanese marimbist born in Hyogo pref. and currently resides in Hiroshima, Japan. During her time studying music at Nishinomiya High School, she studied under Toru Kitano, Miki Ishida, and Keiko Miyamoto. After graduating from Nishinomiya, Hiroko Tsuji studied with Sumiko Sato and Michiko Takahashi at Hiroshima University.

In 2003 Hiroko held her first solo recital in Hiroshima and later played two world premier works in 2007. In 2011 Hiroko founded “Ototsumiki”, a music management office. This office creates and dispatches new styles of marimba music and culture for Hiroshima. Hiroko and Ototsumiki have produced various styles of concerts in places such as music halls, museums, restaurants, cafes to name a few.

When Hiroko is not working with Ototsumiki, she actively commissions new marimba works from different composers and regularly appears on radio programming as a main personality.