Wu, Jui Tsung

Percussionist, Taiwan
Jui Tsung Wu, born in 1982, is a Taiwanese percussionist and educator. When he was 16, Jui Tsung joined an orchestra club in school and began playing percussion He studied percussion with Xi Zhe Lin after school, and since then, has developed strong compassion towards percussion. Later, he went to Soochow University to study percussion with Bor Nien Hsu and received his Bachelor of Arts in music. There he studied chamber music, and conducted research on percussion works with Hsaio Yin Wang. In the following years he pursued his percussion masters degree at National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA) with Yiu Kwong Chung. During this time, he was a member of the Phonon Percussion Ensemble (2000-2006) and Forum Music Percussion Ensemble (2003-2014), actively participating in contemporary percussion performance. He specializes in playing marimba, orchestra percussion and drum set. 

After fulfilling his mandatory military service in R.O.C MND Symphony Orchestra in 2007, he devoted himself to live performance and composition. In 2009, he performed at Novel Hall in the premiere of “Wu Yan—for 6 percussionistsby Kee Yong Chong. In the same year, he cooperated with National Shan-Hua Senior High School Wind & Brass Band in the Taiwan premiere of Concerto for Marimba by David Gillingham. Later in 2011, he took part in Beyond the distance, between the soulsfor percussion solo and electronicsby Shih-Wei Lo. He also played with famous orchestras, such as Philharmonia Moments Musicaux, Yinqi Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, and Feifei Artistic Team. With his increasing interest and engagement for percussion ensemble, Jui Tsung, Pi Han Chen and Yu Wei Lin established WAF Percussion Trio in 2016, to experiment with music and to inspire peoples love for percussion.

As a composer, he completed “28 Drums”, a percussion duet with electronic music, which was performed at NTUA in 2010.Then he composed and performed an electronic music piece for a dance theater called Chapter of Oceanat National Theater Experimental Theater in 2012.

He also devotes himself in music education, teaching as a percussion coach and percussion ensemble conductor in different schools, from primary (Nan-Ping Elementary School) to secondary schools (Fu-Shing Junior High School, Guo-Hua Junior High School, Yi-Lan Junior High School, Ren-Ai Elementary School, Lao-Mai Elementary School,and Kinmen Senior High School).