WYSO Percussion Extravaganza

WYSO Percussion Extravaganza

Friday, March 17, 2017

This Saturday, Join MB artist Vicki Jenks and the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra for Percussion Extravaganza!

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‘Lifting the World to Peace’

March 25, 2017

Vicki P. Jenks & James McKenzie, WYSO Percussion Ensemble

Joey Banks, Black Star Drum Line Percussion Group

Karl Lavine, WYSO Chamber Strings & Todd Hammes, UW Pan-Global Percussion Ensemble

Guest Artist: Tom Sharpe, Composer-Soloist

The Lost Andrew R. Stout

Latino David P. Eyler

Joseph Batterman, Jan William Eraker, Will Schenk & Luke Whittingham

Layers Allen Keown

Kallan Engleson, Ewan Harlow, Dalton McLaughlin, & Lauren Rault

Memphis Stomp Dave Grusin/arr. David Steinquest

Haiwen Dai, Anders Frank, Adam Goren & Aaron Pritchard

Black Star Drum Line Percussion Group

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic Music by Sting/Arr. Ben Wahlund


“Lifting the World” A Symphony by Tom Sharpe

World Speak

A Belief of One

Lifting the World, Part I

Three Stories

The Cathedral is Where You Are

Lifting the World, Part II